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Non medicated blend of propellent and cooling agent that evaporates rapidly, chills hot

skin area immediately and helps reduce swelling.

Article number:

5016 can of 200 ml.

Ice water at 0°C/32ºF prevents coldburns.

Chills hot skin area immediately and helps reduce swelling.

• VOC potential negligible.

• Excellent, skin-friendly temperature

A self adhesive fixation bandage made of polyamide and cotton. Selffix is well suited as a

skin friendly protection under sportstape, and as a support bandage for sprains and

The gels cooling effect relieves pain and swelling caused by injuries such as sprains, bruises,

strains and contusions. As a replacement for cold packs when a freezer or

ice-chest is

High tensile, resists unwanted breaking during wrapping. 48 rolls/box. Availlable colors: Tan,

Black, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, Red. Made of polyurethane foam. Used to protect skin

Maximum strenght elastic adhesive tape. hypo-allergenic  Stretchable in the longitudinal,

Short stretch, skin friendly and extremely well modular,. For support en relief after distortion

Zinc oxide impregnated trainerstape, hospital grade poly cotton tape features high tensile

strength an excellent comfortability.

Consistant unwind and proven adhesive system`.

Soft gel in vinyl bag is chilled in freezer or refrigerator to prepare for use. Store in

icechest during game. Can be used over and over again.

Heating in warm water or a microwave

Cold pack is activated instantly by squeezing the bag.

Hold the coldpack in place over injured area with elastic Wrap or towel.

article number: 5014 packsize 15 x 22 cm